Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you with frequently asked computer question such as:

I'm getting a lot of pop-ups is that normal?
No. You most likely have an unwanted security breach. We have the tools to remove viruses and spyware and prevent future attacks.
We had a crash and were told that it would take hours to get our data back. We asked what could be done to make the time faster and we were told nothing unless we want to spend many thousands of dollars. Is that true?
No. We have server solutions that allow for instant (seconds to restore terabytes of data) starting at under 1 thousand dollars.
Can I share files with other computers rather than sending email attachments?
Yes. Our technicians can set up file sharing and discuss security options if only some of the other computers are allowed access.
My software is used by 6 (or 600) people and the program is slow. Can you fix this?
In most cases, yes. These more specific problems are our specialty. We provide a free 60 min evaluation for every new client.
How do you block spam?
Many ways. Here are a few, we post email addresses on our web site. and are all addresses that will be emailed by machines which are attempting to find email addresses on the internet. Our machines capture these emails and remove emails like them from your incoming email because we know real people are not sending those emails. Lists of machines that are dumping junk out are used, white lists and black lists of addresses that can be completely customized also allow customization of incoming mail.