Email Services

Our email services protect from the risks of viruses, adware, and spam.

Email Accounts

Email accounts can be purchased individually or they can be purchased as part of a hosting package using your own domain name. Access your email from your computer or on the internet with webmail. Unlike email through your internet provider, you can keep your email address even if you change providers.

Spam and Viruses

All email accounts hosted are scanned for spam and viruses before you receive your email to reduce the risk of infecting your computer. An easy web interface allows you to check the messages that were flagged as potential spam or viruses and allows you approve senders you trust and block senders you don't.

If Junk does get through, forwarding it to the following addresses adds the email to the database for future filtering:

No More Outages

Our Backup MX system queues your email in the event that the primary email server goes offline. This service prevents incoming email sent during an outage from bouncing or becoming lost. Your messages will be saved and delivered as soon as the system comes back online.