Security Solutions

In a perfect world we wouldn't need to protect ourselves from other people.

We certainly don't live in a perfect world but fortunately there are great tools available to keep those who wish to do us harm at bay.

In our modern world, security is paramount. Your firewall's configuration can drastically affect security and internet accessibility. Our firewall appliances have monitoring capability to provide us with reports which we use to minimize and prevent attacks and provide bandwidth monitoring so that no single source inside your network is using up the traffic available to your staff.
Contracted Antivirus services usually provide your company with antivirus software and centralized monitoring of that software. Our antivirus contract options are usually less expensive and more powerful than direct purchase solutions.
TLS, SSL, IPSec, WEP and WPA2 are just a few examples of technologies we support to protect the data you send through the internet.
Software Updates
Computers are a moving target. Every month new software is created to fix problems and deliver more features. Whether it's Microsoft or another company from time to time your software will most likely need updating. The updating of the software is a service usually provided in a Managed Services Contract but they can also be contracted separately to provide a smaller service set and lower fixed price.
System Backup
Our system backup contracts range from providing support for in house employees operating a backup system to providing hardware, software, labor, monitoring and offsite storage services. Let us provide the solution that's just right for you!
System Audits
If you're not quite sure what you have on your computer systems, we can tell you. We use special software to provide detailed reports of what software are in use on your systems.
Security Systems
Our security system offerings can help you make sure your most valuable and expensive asset, your people, are doing what they're supposed to.