Technology is the tool used to create a business advantage.

Technology is our business so we work hard to make sure we have trained professionals who service the best products available on the market. Below you'll find a list of the services provided by the technologies we service.

File Sharing and File Security
If you are looking for an easy way to move files between computers, we can help. Using file sharing, you can avoid the smaller limits of CD-R or USB flash drives, avoid unorganized copies of files, and be assured that only approved people can view the shared information.
Printer Sharing
Network Printing: Rather than purchasing a printer for every computer in your office, have you considered having shared printers that everyone can use? If your company has a printer at each computer station, you could save money, time and maintenance cost with shared printers.
Redundant Printing: When high speed printing is critical to your office print groups can be setup to avoid single printer failure and distributing print jobs between multiple printers.
Modern Firewalls can be the difference between securely accessing your data and not having any access to your data. Prioritize Traffic: Firewalls can prioritize internet traffic to keep important things fast and less important things waiting.
Multiple Internet Connections: When it's not an option for the internet to go down the right firewalls will allow you to connect multiple internet connections that are both usable and fault tolerant to turn off connections that fail keeping your business running 24x7.
VPN and Terminal Services
Many people have a need to access their corporate information while on the road or at home. Some businesses open a second location and wish to use the resources of the main office. VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is used to link two locations together, either on demand (as needed) or permanently (real time, always on). Contact us to help you decide which remote access solution is best for your situation.
Free yourself from a single location with secure fast wireless connections. Wireless technology can be configured to allow different groups of people to have different amounts of access. Public and corporate access can be separate and secure.
Fixing Botched Jobs
Sometimes we are called in to evaluate the job another vendor did. We look for security weakness, reliability problems, scalability limits and areas that can be simplified to reduce cost. If you would like your network evaluated, give us a call.