Web Hosting

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Our hosting solutions offer excellent performance and uptime, the stability of Linux based hosting, as well as friendly and quick customer service at competitive prices.


Basic Site Package

Domain Name Registration
A domain name is included in our basic site package. We can work with an existing name or we can help you register a new one.
DNS Services
DNS servers convert an IP address into a domain name to make browsing the web easier. We offer a variety of web DNS hosting options.
One email account with spam and virus removal
One email account is provided with our basic site package. Learn more about our email accounts.
One email mailing list
The basic site package comes with one email list. Send your information to a large list of people quickly and easily.
Email queuing
When you run an in-house mail server you have to make sure your internet connection is up 24/7. In reality, there is no 24/7 internet connection. This service allows your mail to be delivered even when your connection is down.

Other Services Include...

SSL is a security protocol used by browsers and servers to transmit secure information. If your site deals with credit card transactions or other sensitive information you may need SSL services.
Dedicated Static IP
In many situations a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or other advanced networking solutions require a static IP address. We offer a dedicated static IP in the event that you need one.
IP Monitoring
IP monitoring tracks your residential non-static IP address, allowing you to connect to your home computer from a remote connection.
Co-location is a service where we place a server in a remote data center. This creates more bandwidth for multiple location access, such as satellite offices connecting to a central office location.

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